Nutty Apricot + Fibre

  • Whether in school, in college or at work, one thing that we're all familiar with is the little box of dry fruits that is a part of all packed lunches. We thought there had to be a more convenient way of eating those nuts rather than in a messy mix in a little box.

    Thus the experimentation began! We played around with a whole bunch of different combinations until we found the ideal blend of nuts and apricots with raisins, black currents and watermelon seeds. The outcome was this deliciously chewy bar, with sporadic spurts of crunch, that has the perfect balance between the rich flavour of the nuts and the added punch from the fruits.

    Looking for something new, without a concern of the unknown? You know what to get!

    • Protein

      Speeds up your

    • Fibre

      Digests better,
      feels even better

    • Energy

      Watches your
      calorie intake

    • Balanced Snack

      Right proportion of good
      fats, carbs and protein

    • Gluten Free

      Feel Lighter

    • No Preservatives

      Only pure
      and natural

  • Mixed Cereal (Rolled Oats,Soy Crisps,Rice,Crisps),Mixed Nuts(Apricots,Raisins,Black Currants),Mixed Nuts[Almonds,Peanuts],Glucose,Fructooligosaccharides,Honey,Watermelon Seeds, Palm Kernel Oil, Gum Arabic,Salt,Vitamin E. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL FLAVOUR.


  • Amount Per Serving (Approx. Values)

    Calories 155 Kcal from 172 Kcal

    Amount / Serving % DV* Amount / Serving % DV*
    Total Fat 5.8gm from 8.2gm 13% Saturated Fat 1.3gm from 2.8gm 14%
    Trans Fat 0g - Cholesterol 0mg 0%
    Sodium 68.4gm from 81.7gm 3% Total Carbohydrate 22.3gm from 18.8gm 6%
    Dietary Fibre 3.9g 10% Sugars 8.2gm from 9.9gm -
    Protein 3.5gm from 5.5gm 11%
Singles: `40 | Pack of 6 : `240